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  1. PortLineParker's Avatar
    Models | British Loco Works (ironcladinsteam.wixsite.com)

    GWR Hall further down the page. Not 100% perfect but it fills a gap for now.


  2. JohnRMcClelland's Avatar
    I have used earlier Trainz for many years. Upgrading my MacBook Pro Retina from OS10.12 to OS12.4, I had to use the App Store for other stuff, so I bought the Apple version. BIG MISTAKE. It downloaded, installed 8.3mb quickly and opened ok. When I started to build a route, Surveyor opened. I could lay track, paint terrain -- but it only opened the buildings or trains tabs halfway, locked up, and had to be forced quit. I have demanded a refund. Now I want to know whether there's a current version that runs 64-bit OS12 with reasonable dependability in Surveyor and Driver. Do I dare try 19, or how long must we wait for TR2022?