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  1. Welcome to Trainzpennine Blog

    Hopefully will use this blog when I start again revamping my part of the ECML

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  2. Spartan Cab Dash 8's are in BETA!

    Well with the spartan cab dash 8's are just about done. Beta testing began earlier this week with the new cabs and some of the features they contain. There will be 6 road names released and each one will have a weathered counterpart. These will be for sale individually or in packs. Club Car members will get them first so stay tuned here on release updates. Here are a few shots of the cab with some scripted night lighting.


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    Nous sommes oubliés sur ce forum, pourtant la communauté francophone est très importante sur TRAINZ.
    et il serait bon aussi de pouvoir écrire en français sur le forum... sans passer par Google traduction...
    je viens d'acheter TANE SP3 ça semble pas trop mal sur le iMac pour le moment...(à suivre)
    Bonne journée

    Pierre. allias Roubiaro

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  4. Screenshot of the Week 2012 archive

    <-- 2011 (Jan. – Jun. | Jul. – Dec.) -- 2012

    I think I'll use the new blog feature to make a list of all Screenshot of the Week contests, with links to the submission and voting threads for each week.

    This list is a work-in-progress and will gradually be expanded as links to each week's threads are retrieved. The list is sorted from latest to earliest.

    • March 11 to March 18 (submissions) (current).
    • March 4 to March 11 (submissions - voting). ...

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  5. Amtrak Superliners, in Phase IV

    Now available on at www.AmtrakTrainz.co.cc
    Superliners in phase IV.



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