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  1. Introduction

    Hello! i'm luigimario64! but please call me OriginalWaybackMate as my considered username i wanted to use. i grew up with trainz ever since i was 3 - 4 years old with trainz railroad simulator 2006 with my windows xp emachines computer, despite how stupid i was back then i still love that game to death, then went i got steam i also managed to grab my copies of trainz 2009, 2010, and 12, i had a blast with all 3 of them, but eventually i lost interest playing trainz and moved on to gmod n' such, ...
  2. First blog

    Well this should be interesting.
    Give me a few days to think about what I should blog about and maybe this idea what start off. Considering I already have a blog (check this sig) that I don't use often which I will sooner or later I guess this can primarily be about Trainz stuff.

    Some things about me if they wish to know.
    I mostly do reskinning and route building and have been out of Trainz in the past year or so due to school and personal life demands. I hope to get back ...