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  1. Question

    Okay, where on the forum would somebody talk about podcasts?
  2. China Railway DF7D Diesel Locomotive for TRS19 SP2 has Arrived !

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    Hey guys,

    China Railway DF7D Diesel Locomotive for TRS19 SP2 has Arrived! All dependencies were made by myself (TrainzKRI).

    You can watch this video for preview:

    The new DF7D loco contained:
    • Detailed Models and PBR Materials
    • Fully Scripted Items
    • First Loco with Completely China Loco Monitor System(LKJ93&LKJ2000)
    • New Animations, Sounds and Monitor Voice Broadcast System
    • Accurate
  3. Desiderata For Ver. 8

    Should I ever get around to it:
    • Remove the horn triggers on the Goldencow driveway
    • Extend baseboards and scenic them at each hanging portal
    • Add baseboards on the west side as needed to conceal the end of the world
  4. An open letter to N3V engineers

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    Someone should make a list of all things, which community called for and which are either ignored for years by N3V or broken silently by N3V in newer versions. I suppose it to be long list.... Such things like multiple light sources missing, broken alphas (those stupid alpha to coverage), cab0 only support, 8 levels engine sounds max, night lightning, bumping crossings, unsupported multiple part locos, steam locos fireplace and firemen, multiple traincars units problems, stupidities with annoying
  5. Problem

    I have a problem with removing the modification from "Content Manager".
    Best wishes.
    Krzysztof Kudelski
    Trainz Simulator 12
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