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  1. Just repaired an Dairy Industry building that Dave E Snow created.

    Fixed the building as I had to replace a faulty kuid with a different corona white light for his building. Cloned the 'Dairy Large without Base Ind Active DES, as I hope that it is uploaded soon at the Download Station. Dave Snow your building looks really good on my layout if your reading this and I love all the buildings that you have created.
    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. TC errors after adding TC3 to TC1&2

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    Ccleaner doesn't remove all Trainz entries though, it's not a very deep registry cleaner which is relatively safe compared to others that can really screw things up.

    As a thought maybe changing the name of the folder you are installing it to rather than the default may work.

    As an alternative if you have TC3 installed anywhere such as an old PC, you can actually copy the whole install to another PC disk or whatever.
    I tried a different folder but the ...