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  1. Help needed with Gameholic's 1994 rws timothy in trs2009

    Hey guys i need help with gameholics1994 timothy and its faulty and it said Error: The texture 'sre2_body/e2w1.tga' failed to load. Does anyone know how to fix it? on trs2009?
  2. Metro trains Melbourne content

    I am currently making the metro trains content starting with the comeng cars.

    I can't post images sadly
    Trainz Simulator 12
  3. Trains, Parks and Other Things RGCX

    Quote Originally Posted by john2002 View Post
    I thought you gave up RGCX?
    Why creators stop creating.

    You provide a gift and get a punch in the nose.
  4. NG driveable deckloader

    I recenty just downloaded the NG drivable deck loader by Pierreparis but the depedecie Dll loco track ng is faulty. Is there anyway to fix this?
  5. Help pls for the following issue

    I am playing trainz Android version i have set the signal Extended rule but when my train crosses the signal it's not turning to red it is fixed on yellow as i have set in the rule how can i make the signal turn red immediately as soon as my loco passed the yellow signal... Pls also any one explain in detail how to control signals in trainz Android version and how to install miscalleanous files from DLS in Android manually for example i want to "install trigger multiple signals rule" ...
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