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  1. Screenshots of European Trains

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    If you are interested in helping me, please follow the link: https://soundcloud.com/wojtek-cho-a-ci-ski/metal-and-metal and if you like the tune (and you are a registered soundcloud user) give it a 'like'. Thank you!

    I hope I don't break the forum rules.

    Liked Always glad to help a great contributor as you !
  2. Uploading files

    How can I upload a file to the forum so people can download it?
  3. Train2 for ipad

    i am having trouble with trains2 for ipad
    it started with purchase of blue comet just downloaded and did not work

    now it crashes had to delete app now I lost all purchases and support is not helping
  4. Why I wont buy TANE... yet

    At current progress, I may not ever buy another Auran/N3V product.

    I keep checking, with great interest on the status of TANE. Specifically in regards to stability and DRM.

    To be honest, so far I have been somewhat disappointed.

    I read thread after thread on what ends up being flame wars on a valid and important issue of DRM.
    DRM exists in many forms and to an extent it can't be avoided.
    The problem is N3V games is not upfront about it and avoids, ...

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  5. Trouble downloading a train on Trainz Download Station on Mac

    [QUOTE=Jmdasilva;1455540]Hey, I need help. Today I was attempting to download one of the trains on Trainz Download Station on my Mac, it's a NYCTA R30A Subway Car. But when I clicked on Download with Content Manager, nothing happened. It said: "Safari can't open the specific address". It also says: "There's no application set to open the URL trainz://install//%3CKUID2:58843:304:2". And last but not least, it says: "Safari can't open "trainz://install//%3CKUID2:58843:304:2" ...