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  1. RealPeople: Hello, here we are.

    A short video of what you can expect.

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  2. 3DZUGs RealPeople will shortly hit the DLS

    This july will change the way you can create routes! Checkout one of my coolest assets I've ever built for Trainz! Real animated people will populate to DLS soon!

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. My gradient calculator


    This is the gradient calculator I use for track that is bendy and such and the "apply gradient" just doesn't work well. Basically it calculates where to put the spline and at what height to give you the slope shown, works well. Help file is in the zip.
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  4. Hccrrs: Animated Brakes

    The new car will feature animated brakes of course!

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  5. Spacing Track and why does it disappear?

    Spent the last couple of days since the last post spacing the track to get it correct. Mainline spacing at 5m, secondary at 4m and also fixed the siding track at Plainsman Clay which had a bend in it when it should be straight. Ended up running two ruler lines from the start and end of the switch to make sure the track was straight and also vetical lines where the switch and industry start and end. Then nuked all the track and built it from scratch over what TRANSDERM put down. Sometimes I am ...