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  2. my new up c44acm's

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ID:	2407 hope this can be seen okay
  3. Vidéos YouTube

    Quote Originally Posted by PatGerard View Post

    Pour les Z5300/6100/6300 il s'agit de matériel provenant de MSTS

    Amicalement ,Pat
    Bonjour Pat, bonjour à toutes et à tous,

    Merci pour la réponse. Dommage pour les trainzeurs.
  4. Trainz12 DLS refusing to work after wiping my pc

    So here is what i have that is currently the problem with TS12 (yes I know this is an old and far too common issue that should've been rectified long before), the help desk is useless for this and I've tried many times to fix this

    0kbps download speed, red mark over assets that are compatible, the serial number had been submitted already for trainz12 (steam version), bought a first class ticket beforehand. the DLS just refuses to download anything for whatever reason no matter what ...
  5. CNW E-4 4004 Tender

    Can anybody tell me where the CNW E-4 Tender is? I saw it on a video, and it said it was from the DLS, but it isn't there. And when I checked trainzland.ru, none of the results were the one I was looking for. Oh and also by any chance, does anyone know any good routes in Illinois or the Midwest.

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