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  1. Setting up a ground texture asset for TS2009 and up

    Create a new folder for your ground texture somewhere.

    Place inside it the high-resolution TGA image for your texture.

    Next, create a .texture.txt file for your texture. This is a text document, which you can create by right-clicking in your texture's folder, then choosing New -> Text Document. While it is not a requirement, naming this file after the TGA image might be a good idea. For example, if your TGA image is named example.tga, name the .texture.txt file example.texture.txt ...
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  2. Uphill, Both Ways, in the Snow, -or- Get off my Lawn!

    by , February 11th, 2012 at 01:20 AM (The Deadliest Kvetch)
    Excuse me while I hike my pant's waistband up under my armpits. There, that's better.

    Now then, I notice a few posts on the forum having sport at the restored "station stops" timeline. We all know how useful it can be when trying to help a poster that manages to provide every bit of information about their computer, except what version of Trainz they are using. To make the job even more challenging they have decided to post their problem in the "General Trainz" forum, ...

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  3. On Board Were the Twelve...

    by , February 14th, 2012 at 11:36 AM (The Deadliest Kvetch)
    Apologies to Donovan. His song "Atlantis" was quite the hit around 1968 - '69 in the US, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It spoke of the mythical Atlantis as a doomed civilization that sent ships to the rest of the world, in effect "seeding" other continents with the best it had to offer; the "twelve". Although the twelve were specifically mentioned as "The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends." ...

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  4. Today in Railroad History...

    by , February 15th, 2012 at 10:08 AM (The Deadliest Kvetch)

    The Western Railroad
    was chartered February 15, 1833 and incorporated March 15, 1833 to connect the B&W to the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad at the New York state line. Construction began in 1837, and the Eastern Division to the Connecticut River in Springfield opened on October 1, 1839. The Western Division, through the Berkshire Hills, opened in sections from both ends - from the state line to Pittsfield May 4, 1841, West Springfield to Chester May 24, 1841, Springfield to West
  5. Miss Manners Returns

    by , February 18th, 2012 at 01:37 AM (The Deadliest Kvetch)

    Welcome again gentle readers to the world of Miss Manners! I am delighted to report that today is my birthday, and I received as a gift a pop tart! A serious pop tart, for which I am quite grateful! Those of you who read my blog loyally will instantly know that I am not being truthful, but rather displaying sarcasm in my own delicate manner! One hopes she will be forgiven for this small jape! (Editor's Note: Have ...

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