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  1. Rostov uzel 2018

    [QUOTE = HPL; 1680713] Очень хорошо ... когда исправлено! На некоторых станциях отсутствуют треки ... [/ QUOTE]

    ​This is a known problem. Try to restore the database.
  2. Thursday AM Patrol West for T:ANE

    FDL Thursday AM Patrol West has been uploaded, approved and should be available within hours. It's in Build 4.5.

    Here you get to "patrol" (Milwaukee talk) the entire line and have work to do in several locations. Takes a couple of hours.

    Although basically the same as the 12 session, it was necessary to substitute the U30b loco for the SD9, which is not currently available in T:ANE. The advantage is, the U-boat is a much more powerful loco. In SP2, the front
  3. 3rd time, all my locally save content is lost

    Quote Originally Posted by VLADdock View Post
    I've finally found a way to resrore your lost maps!

    1. To get started go to the folder User Data => Backups. There will be a back up, sorted by dates. Look for the time the files supposedly changed.

    2. Copy these files somewhere safe.
    3. Create in the game a new map. Add a pair of objects to map was not empty. Save, for example, under the name of "new"
    4. Then go to the User Data folder and iterate through all the files and folders and look for the one
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. The Illinois Railway Museum Route

    Quote Originally Posted by stormsirens2Backup View Post
    Looking good! :3
    thanks, soon I will be doing a update to this thread so stay tuned, in the meantime please check out the more frequently updated Facebook page for the project.
  5. Trainz videos

    Different trains on Route Romania v1.0 (picture slideshow)

    Route available here http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com/