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  1. Lost all Routes

    Looking for a solution to recover Routes on TR19, Build 110491 Platinum Plus Additions. I have tried to to recover the saved routes from backups saved on the external HDD's. That solution did not resolve the route issue. The Routes will show up in Driver/Surveyor, however once selected the software go immediately into Sessions. I can run a session and save it , but I can not open or turn a Session into a route. I have deleted and re-installed the Trainz Digital download and this problem still persist. ...
  2. Durango-silverton

    I have and love Trainz on my Ipadpro. Years ago I had trainz on windows. They had a realistic Durango-silverton Colorado narrow guage route. My son and family live there, and I have taken the actual route many times and I am willing to pay someone to construct one for Trainz for IOS. PLEASE consider. You can contact me at rkling@kentlaw.iit.edu. Thx
  3. I donít live in Australia 🤣

    Hi there! Iím Noloplayz and Iíd like to explain a weird glitch with my trainz profile. It says I live in Australia but I donít! Hereís how this glitch happened. When I was creating my trainz account I was in trainz driver 2 placing down some trains in an Australian route. And for some reason my location was set to Australia! Weird glitch right? Btw this is my first time on the forums
  4. Question

    Okay, where on the forum would somebody talk about podcasts?
  5. China Railway DF7D Diesel Locomotive for TRS19 SP2 has Arrived !

    Quote Originally Posted by qj7002 View Post
    Hey guys,

    China Railway DF7D Diesel Locomotive for TRS19 SP2 has Arrived! All dependencies were made by myself (TrainzKRI).

    You can watch this video for preview:

    The new DF7D loco contained:
    • Detailed Models and PBR Materials
    • Fully Scripted Items
    • First Loco with Completely China Loco Monitor System(LKJ93&LKJ2000)
    • New Animations, Sounds and Monitor Voice Broadcast System
    • Accurate
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