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  1. Curious Problems with Mojave Subdivision Sessions: The DPU Push.

    Same issue here. Any suggestions on solutions are mostly welcome.

    I have eaxctly the very same issue with the he DPU Push. Had similar issue with missing ability to decople trainz, in another session. Antother memeber here identified that issue to be due to an prior update of Trainz. Seems that sesssions are developed in prior versions, that does not work with never versions of Trainz. It's a shame.

    I'm running TRS2019 Build 114-841 here.

  2. Signals 101 - Choosing and Placement

    This blog post is merely so I can easily find this info in the future

    Quote Originally Posted by ctclark1 View Post
    Here's an explanation of
    each one's intended use, from 01 through 08. I've nothing going on this weekend so maybe I'll start some diagrams and try to correlate the signal types in Trainz to what is found in real life, as best I can...

    01: Not quite fully implemented, unscripted, 3-headed interlocking signal. The bottom head is always red in Trainz, other than that it's essentially an absolute

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