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  1. Problem with TANE

    I am having trouble starting TANE.it coming up as not authorized can some one please help my Build is 78667.
  2. Statin names

    How Do I type in a station name ?
  3. TANE 3 - SP3 - is invalidating some of the tower paths - eg railcar from Yvrr Merced

    I do really enjoy this session created by Terry Wagstaff, as it demonstrates how much one can do with TRAINZ and create a demanding session to drive.....but the recent SP3 seems to have invalidated some of the tower paths that control the signal etc....as SP2 also did.

    Does anyone know how to ask the developer to update the version from October so I can work again???

    The session FDL Friday AM has been ported to T:ANE, uploaded and approved. It will be available for download within hours.

    Due to a power shortage at Horicon, today's early patrol will be Eastbound sans caboose. First we have to make up the train and take care of an odd job in the West Yard, then do some light work on our way to Horicon.

    This is the first import from 12 to T:ANE SP3. The experience has improved in that there are fewer ghost consists needing attention; the
  5. my first blog

    my first blog... well, i better tell you about myself. i guess. im a human being, and thats about it, you might see me on the chat, talking with someone or annoying someone... sometimes you might see the chat go haywire because im continuously hitting the "a" button. i guess you could call me a spammer. and youd be right. the main reason im making this is because i wanna get my blog entries up to "1". if youre reading this... nevermind. what are the chances of someone reading ...
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