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    Hello Colonists

    How is everyone!?
    Hope everyone is in good spirits!!!

    Not into trainz at this moment! In fact, I am yet to buy Trz2019! My girls are off from school, which will begin again Aug 16, and then perhaps I'll get back into Marsz & things! My health has much approved from literally going six feet below ground to almost fieeling normal again!

    Anyhow, let me not bore you any more! Manuel did me a favor and updated
    the Marsz-I Industrial Track (All Products Available) with the updated kuids: KUID2:58223:10179:2 which now works with TRZ2019 -- Thank U, Manuel for that!

    Here's the link from the DLS:

    Download Page

    Everyone continue enjoying your summer, and see U all down the track!
    Take care all, and be safe!!!
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    I'm afraid I cannot help you as a) I am not an expert in such matters and b) you haven't given enough information as what actually happens on the screen. I see you have posted on the forum so I wish you luck in solving this problem.
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    so how to fix to make it start
  4. teddytoot's Avatar
    Because people hardly ever read the blogs. I just looked in for curiosity. To get a reply to your problem, post in the TANE sub-forum on the forum. That is where you will find people able to help you, although you really need to give a bit more information than you have given above.
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  6. Hectorin's Avatar
    Then people will get mad were should i put the forum and what supposed to do with the fourm
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    Don’t post support questions in the blogs. They are not intended for that and hardly anyone reads them.

    When you are going to post in the forum, please be more clear about what you are posting about. “Private models” is not a regularly used name, so be more descriptive.