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  1. Maine Railroads

    Hello everyone, this is my first blog ever and hope that I entertain you with my endeavors. Putting small routes together is easy, large routes more difficult, but re-creating the Maine Central, Portland Terminal Co., and portions the Boston and Maine, Canadian National, Belfast and Moosehead Lake, Bangor and Aroostock, and Canadian Pacific Railroads is one that I have yet to see on the Download Station.
    I've been using Basemapz for tracing the tracks, and the starting point is about ...
  2. SAXRT Trainz Returns

    So, in case nobody knows, SAXRT Trainz has a new site, and is still releasing Trainz content. Here is the link.


    SAXRT Trainz is the only website I know that creates Metra Content for Trainz, so I give a huge shoutout to him.
  3. ADL Railroad 6 - L&B UK Narrow Guage (TRS19)

    Quote Originally Posted by lew188 View Post
    This is my first post on this forum... but I will start using this more for the routes I am working on.

    Back in June, having spotted some Lynton & Barnstaple rolling stock, I decided that having been interested in the real L&B I would create a route based on the L&B rather than a copy.

    ADLR6 L&B UK Narrow Gauge V1

    I have just been advised that there is already a full version of the full L&B route being built
  4. Somici

    When I download a file, it's a .rar file. Does anyone know any good .rar extractors I can use?

    Today I am calling the route complete.
    • All portals except CNW-Janesville are now fully landscaped.
    • A board has been added in west Mayville.

    • A board has been added in west Brownsville.
    • A board has been added east of the Prairie Road crossing.
    • Three boards have been added to the west edge between Prairie Road and South Byron
    • Brownsville Track 2 is now posted for 10 MPH.
    • All grade crossings are TRC-controlled except Milwaukee W. Grove and Prairie Road, which are ATLS.

    Updated September 8th, 2022 at 12:19 AM by RHKluckhohn

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