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    Good afternoon

    I bring you news in the download area of my blog.


    I hope you like it and greetings


    Updated May 13th, 2017 at 09:00 AM by josesosacanela

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    For some reason I have lost my product codes and cannot use multiple industry new. Could you please advise. The error messages which keep repeating are 1895 and exception line 2197.
    Many thanks
  5. RZD VL60k - 1222, <kuid2:164418:3322:1>

    Can anyone help me find a way to download the RZD VL60k - 1222 that resides on TRS 12? I've been trying to download this locomotive for a while for T:ANE but the only way to do it is to export it as a CDP and as soon as it installs to T:ANE it goes faulty. Thanks!
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