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  1. "Rar" Files

    I've been trying hard to get the "rar" files of Henry the green engine, and Gordon the big blue express engine on to T-A-N-E.
    How can I get the "rar" files of trains on to T-A-N-E?
  2. Australian screenshots

    Roy, the catenary I am using is available on the DS.
    I think it is called 'Vic Cat' something. It is a pack of 3 different types, of varying track spans.
    They are almost PERFECT for use in Dandenong yard. I will have to make a few custom stanchions for Dandenong Platform 2/3 ... but overall, a fantastic catenary set! Can't remember the author.

  3. Route Romania

    Route Romania v2.0 , soone to be released !

  4. balezino-mosty

    [QUOTE = vi4tor; 1673950] vcera som si stiahnul aktualizáciu tejto hry, ne ukazujem na zle z krizenie peronou cez kolaje nie je mito ako ak som tam netal do com psal mam windows 8.1 dakujem [/ QUOTE]
    Trainz Simulator 12
  5. Images of MH route...almost finished.