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  1. Model Railroadz

  2. thanks 2 forum

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    i learned a lot from this forum...
    after playing and merging with routes of other people (mainly philskene), reading many technical advises (e.g. shaneturner, jcitron, mikeaus e.o.) and downing a lot of nice beauties (with favourites as jointed rail, k&l trainz, davesnow, jankvis and much, much more), i started to make my own route(s)...

    i had to change rooms: the little space with modelrailroad to a larger level in my maisonette ...
    so i record the track (roco) like
  3. reskins plus trainz things

  4. Grainy Resolution

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberdongreen View Post
    I use a 4K 40" monitor and T:ANE looks superb.


    Lucky! I run 144hz 1440p and tane looks awesome at ultra but 4K must be freaking sweet!
  5. WAKO trainz releasing first 50 Nightmode buildings from our route.

    Quote Originally Posted by frankske72 View Post
    These buildings are exclusive for routes in nightmode. We created them for a route we are building, but still wanted to share this with you. If you want to use the buildings in day time, you will have to adjust the config file, or use the content creator.

    You can download the buildings here : WAKO-trainz Buildings

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