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  1. Ranger_51's Signal Kit | Signal Assets

    Signal Assets

    Signals in the R51-SK follow a common naming convention: <region> <type> | <upperHead><lowerHead> <function> <routes> <attachment 1> ... | <placement>

  2. Ranger_51's Signal Kit | References

    This page contains additional resources relating to NSW Railways and signalling operation.

    Further Reading

    Signals and Signs (NSW)

    ANSG 600 - Running Signals

    ANSG 602 - Shunting Signals

    Location information for the NSW ...
  3. sharing a route with friends

    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    If you export to CDP as Alikiwi mentioned, then there are several options. Email, OneDrive or Google Drive, DropBox, mailing a CD or Thumb Drive (probably old tech at this point). Double check to make sure you have not used payware, or your friends will either have to buy those routes/assets or substitute somehow. Also, if you have built-in assets, make sure they are available to friends who have different versions. That actually goes for any of the assets you used that are T:ANE level, for anyone
  4. Floating track

    When connecting "track with no ties" to ballasted track the rails float above the ground, how do I keep the track from floating above the ground?
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  5. Steam engine operation guide

    Quote Originally Posted by KotangaGirl View Post
    It sounds to me Jim as if there's something either with the engine spec or the config file that's not set up properly.
    Thanks, KG, that could be it. I think that would just apply to the tender though, right ?
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