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  1. iTSM sw 1/9R(r) CRA SK1

    i downloaded a few itsm turn outs. they look great is there matching track to go with them?
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  2. Trainz "Next" is announced...

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    Interesting times ahead, I like the idea of online surveyor based on the frustrations we had building the ECML, where only one of us had the master copy and none of the other team could work on it but as for a subs model, I totally disagree and i am out of here, after many many years of pottering about, off line, with Trainz. <Tips hat and leaves the room>
  3. Vanishing engines & stock?!!?

    Hi. I'm quite new to Trainz so bear with me. I've recently got Trains 2010 Engineers Edition. I checked my locomotives in Railyard when I first loaded it & found I had 4 or 5 British Rail class 37's. "Great" I thought; but after downloading new locos they are now in RED letters & unavailable (along with several other engines, DMU's & rolling stock. I've uninstalled & reinstalled twice & the same thing has happened again (same items as well?) Please help!!? Also, how ...
  4. New 59-50 series couchette cars are now available !

    New 59-50 series couchette cars are now available !

    For more details,please acces our site at http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com/
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  5. BNSF Perris Working in Progress in The San Timoteo Canyon

    I been working on the BNSF san jacinto branch line since last year and i still have a lot of work to do in order to finish this but it's coming along very well still need to work on perris though i hope you all like it

    Moreno Valley

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