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  1. Spirit Interior (Complications)

    Due to some internet complications, I will not be able to upload the interior to the DLS anytime soon. As I’ve said before, please substitute the interior for a different davesnow (mesh) SD70ACe interior while I work on uploading the correct one!

    - Thank you for your patience!
    - IRP
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  3. CSX 1997 Reskin

    If you follow me on my YouTube Channel (Indiana Railfan Productions) you’ll know that the CSX CR Spirit Unit is now available for download on the DLS.

    You can find it by searching up my username, or by searching up “SD70AH”

    However, the interior may or may not be missing! Today I will upload the Interior to the DLS for download. So until it becomes available, please substitute the interior with a different ACe interior!

    Updated June 30th, 2019 at 01:14 AM by Brandtjtb

    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. Help me with Trainz a New Era SP3

    I have have windows 10 but its not working it should work for windos 10. Its not starting so plz help me
  5. Trainzportu

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