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  1. My brothers and I would like to inform everybody on here.

    [QUOTE=KevinJosh456;1751666]Although it's been four years since Nick, Davis and I come onto here to interact with others on here about Trainz, but it is going to be announced that we gonna be announcing our retirement on here after been 4 years away off here for other things. You guys can vote here on if the three of us should go off here for retirement or do you want us to remain to stay on this forum to continue to interact with the others. You guys can decide now![/QUOTE]

    >Let ...
  2. Tidewater City Point Rail and European City Point Rail route announcement

    [QUOTE=TeamRocketDJJ;1751365]Upon thinking of what I'm gonna be doing a new route will be called Burnout 1 and 2. Gonna have to think of some names I should name the whole entire route. So after getting TRS2019, I'm gonna be doing a new route from scratch to begin with the Burnout 2 race tracks. It will take months for me to complete the route, but I will be downloading lots of content from the Download station. Hope you guys are excited about me doing this fun route city of Burnout 1 and 2. I'm ...
  3. Trainzportu

  4. Trainzportu

  5. Renfe 333-093-3 en detalles

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