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    31 May 2020: Rock Train overhaul complete, uploaded.

    -- 30 --
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    Now, these are Ben Dorsey Marsz contents, RIP my dear friend! He was my dear friend, very generous, and he loved astronomy, even had a large expensive telescope in his backyard. Sadly, he passed away while, I myself, was in the ICU in 2018! To me, it seems it's always the good guys that leave us from forums! I really missed him!!!

    His Marsz contributions on my request, and his own merit!

    Ben Dorsey items:
    MARSZ_Centipede_Level_1_Interior,<kuid2:210518:110 14:1>
    MARSZ _Plane_Turntable,<kuid2:210518:11022:1>

    List end~

    Note - We have many organizations working on Marsz, they are:

    Marsz industries (over sees Marsz operations for residents and workers)
    CRAP industries (operate constructions and mining services. Etc.)
    Science Labs (handles anything alien, except for energy-base)
    Military Service Units (keeps the peace)
    Marsz Military (Handles large scale problemss - need to work on this on a big expansion)
    Delta Sector (very secretive - they deal with alien energy)
    Marsz Lab (Handles all natural resources like gas. etc.)
    The Omega Sector (Bio-organic, very secretive as well)
    Marsz Alliance (Operates all constructions on Marsz, sometimes work with other Organizations)
    B-57 Distributions
    E-67 Distribution
    Logan Distributions

    There might be one or two that i am missing, so I'll update this list in the future!

    Here are some pictures:




    Enjoy, akways be creative, and most imortantly, stay safe and healthy

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    Marsz-I Kit x v952 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32570>
    Marsz-I Kit x v953 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32571>
    Marsz-I Kit x v954 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32572>
    Marsz-I Kit x v955 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32573>
    Marsz-I Kit x v956 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32574>
    Marsz-I Kit x v957 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32575>
    Marsz-I Kit x v958 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32576>
    Marsz-I Kit x v959 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32577>
    Marsz-I Kit x v960 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32578>
    Marsz-I Kit x v961 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32579>
    Marsz-I Kit x v962 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32580>
    Marsz-I Kit x v963 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32581>
    Marsz-I Kit x v964 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32582>
    Marsz-I Kit x v965 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32583>
    Marsz-I Kit x v966 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32584>

    Marsz-I Kit x v942 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32560>
    Marsz-I Kit x v943 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32561>
    Marsz-I Kit x v944 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32562>
    Marsz-I Kit x v945 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32563>
    Marsz-I Kit x v946 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32564>
    Marsz-I Kit x v947 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32565>
    Marsz-I Kit x v948 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32566>
    Marsz-I Kit x v949 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32567>
    Marsz-I Kit x v950 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32568>
    Marsz-I Kit x v951 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32569>

    Marsz-I Kit x v941 (Tree Display) <KUID:58223:32559

    Marsz-I Kit x v929 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32547>
    Marsz-I Kit x v930 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32548>
    Marsz-I Kit x v931 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32549>
    Marsz-I Kit x v932 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32550>
    Marsz-I Kit x v933 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32551>
    Marsz-I Kit x v934 (Pipe 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32552>
    Marsz-I Kit x v935 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32553>
    Marsz-I Kit x v936 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32554>
    Marsz-I Kit x v937 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32555>
    Marsz-I Kit x v938 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32556>
    Marsz-I Kit x v939 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32557>
    Marsz-I Kit x v940 (Pipe X 45 degree) <KUID:58223:32558>


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    Marsz-I Structure 871 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24641:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 872 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24656:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 873 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24899:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 874 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24900:1>
    Marsz-I Envir 04 (Green-Alien Sky) <KUID2:58223:30309:1>
    Marsz-I Envir 00 (Orange Sky-Strong circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32612>
    Marsz-I Envir 01 (Orange Sky-Gentle circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32613>
    Marsz-I Envir 02 (Red Sky circa 2000) <KUID:58223:32614>
    Marsz-I Envir 03 (Orange-Reddish-lite Sky circa 2500) <KUID:58223:32615>
    Marsz-I Envir 05 (Green-lite-Alien Sky) <KUID:58223:32616>
    Marsz-I Kit x v973 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24789:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v974 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24790:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v975 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID2:58223:24791:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v972 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID:58223:32610>
    Marsz-I Kit x v976 (Reservoirs - Below Surface) <KUID:58223:32611>
    Marsz-I Structure 881 (Coal Loader Expansion-Marsz-D) <KUID:58223:32604>
    Marsz-I Kit x v968 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32605>
    Marsz-I Kit x v967 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32606>
    Marsz-I Kit x v969 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32607>
    Marsz-I Kit x v970 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32608>
    Marsz-I Kit x v971 (Conveyor - Coal Loader) <KUID:58223:32609>

    Marsz-I Structure 864 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24610:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 862 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24611:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 863 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24612:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 865 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24628:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 866 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24629:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 867 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24637:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 868 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24638:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 869 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24639:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 870 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24640:2>

    Marsz-I Structure 876 (Pool Center) <KUID:58223:32599>
    Marsz-I Structure 877 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32600>
    Marsz-I Structure 878 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32601>
    Marsz-I Structure 879 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32602>
    Marsz-I Structure 880 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32603>

    Marsz-I Structure 875 (Pool Center) <KUID:58223:32598>

    Marsz-I Structure 858 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32594>
    Marsz-I Structure 859 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32595>
    Marsz-I Structure 860 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32596>
    Marsz-I Structure 861 (Residential Habitat) <KUID:58223:32597>

    Marsz-I Structure 180 (POD - Recreation Center) <KUID:58223:32593>

    Marsz-I Structure 270 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32585>
    Marsz-I Structure 271 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32586>
    Marsz-I Structure 272 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32587>
    Marsz-I Structure 273 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32588>
    Marsz-I Structure 274 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32589>
    Marsz-I Structure 275 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32590>
    Marsz-I Structure 276 (Park Display) <KUID:58223:32591>
    Marsz-I Structure 177 (Park Display Track & Field) <KUID:58223:32592>

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    Marsz-I Kit x v1015 (Tower Sign) <KUID2:58223:29144:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 091 (Mega Base) <KUID2:58223:29145:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 092 (Mega Base) <KUID2:58223:29146:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 882 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:32637:127>
    Marsz-I Structure 211 (Aerial Quarters) <KUID2:58223:32636:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1000 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32621 My 1000 crossover
    Marsz-I Kit x v1001 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32622>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1002 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32623>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1003 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32624>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1004 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32625>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1005 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32626>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1006 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32627>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1007 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32628>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1008 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32629>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1009 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32630>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1010 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32631>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1011 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32632>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1012 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32633>
    Marsz-I Kit x v999 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32620>
    Marsz-I Kit x v997 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32618>
    Marsz-I Kit x v998 (Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32619>
    Marsz-I Kit x v078 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24148:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v079 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24149:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v080 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24159:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v081 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24392:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v083 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24706:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v082 (Access Door) <KUID2:58223:24707:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v089 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25815:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v090 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25816:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v091 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25817:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v092 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25818:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v093 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25819:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v094 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25820:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v095 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25821:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v096 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25822:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v097 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25823:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v098 (Wall) <KUID2:58223:25824:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v088 (DOME) <KUID2:58223:25898:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v995 (Power Electric Generator) <KUID2:58223:29284:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v996 (Radar Detection Tower) <KUID:58223:32617>
    Marsz-I Structure 883 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25417:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 884 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25418:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 885 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25419:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 886 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25420:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 887 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25421:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 888 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25422:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 889 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25428:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 890 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25429:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 891 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25430:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 892 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25431:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 893 (Delta Sector) <KUID2:58223:25441:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v987 (Maglev Fixed-Track 200m) <KUID2:58223:25343:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v988 (Maglev Fixed-Track 200m) <KUID2:58223:25344:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v989 (Maglev Fixed-Track 300m) <KUID2:58223:25345:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v990 (Maglev Fixed-Track 300m) <KUID2:58223:25346:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v991 (Maglev Fixed-Track 400m) <KUID2:58223:25347:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v992 (Maglev Fixed-Track 400m) <KUID2:58223:25348:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v993 (Maglev Fixed-Track 500m) <KUID2:58223:25349:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v994 (Maglev Fixed-Track 500m) <KUID2:58223:25350:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v977 (Maglev Fixed-Track 25m) <KUID2:58223:25307:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v978 (Maglev Fixed-Track 25m) <KUID2:58223:25334:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v979 (Maglev Fixed-Track 50m) <KUID2:58223:25335:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v980 (Maglev Fixed-Track 50m) <KUID2:58223:25336:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v981 (Maglev Fixed-Track 75m) <KUID2:58223:25337:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v982 (Maglev Fixed-Track 75m) <KUID2:58223:25338:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v983 (Maglev Fixed-Track 100m) <KUID2:58223:25339:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v984 (Maglev Fixed-Track 100m) <KUID2:58223:25340:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v985 (Maglev Fixed-Track 150m) <KUID2:58223:25341:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v986 (Maglev Fixed-Track 150m) <KUID2:58223:25342:1>
  6. ish6's Avatar
    Marsz-I Structure 897 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:28865:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 895 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:28871:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 896 (Delta Sector-Passenger Corridor) <KUID2:58223:29053:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 898 (Delta Sector-Automatic Door) <KUID:58223:32669>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1042 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24464:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1043 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24465:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1044 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24466:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1045 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24467:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1047 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:24468:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1046 (Tunnel Accessory) <KUID2:58223:30146:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 223 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32650>
    Marsz-I Structure 224 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32651>
    Marsz-I Structure 225 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32652>
    Marsz-I Structure 226 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32653>
    Marsz-I Structure 227 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32654>
    Marsz-I Structure 228 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32655>
    Marsz-I Structure 229 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32656>
    Marsz-I Structure 230 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32657>
    Marsz-I Structure 231 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32658>
    Marsz-I Structure 023 (Lab-Extension) <KUID2:58223:29064:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1033 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30028:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1034 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30030:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1035 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30031:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1036 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30032:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1037 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30033:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1038 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30034:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1039 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30035:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1040 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30036:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1041 (Steel Pipe) <KUID2:58223:30037:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 219 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32646>
    Marsz-I Structure 220 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32647>
    Marsz-I Structure 221 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32648>
    Marsz-I Structure 222 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32649>
    Marsz-I Structure 030 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32638>
    Marsz-I Structure 031 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32639>
    Marsz-I Structure 032 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32640>
    Marsz-I Structure 033 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32641>
    Marsz-I Structure 034 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32642>
    Marsz-I Structure 035 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32643>
    Marsz-I Structure 036 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32644>
    Marsz-I Structure 037 (Lab Habitat) <KUID:58223:32645>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1032 (Mega Warehouse-Storage) <KUID:58223:32385>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1017 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24495:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1018 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24496:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1018 (Beacon Light) <KUID2:58223:24497:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1020 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29313:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1021 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29314:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1022 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29315:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1023 (Sign) <KUID2:58223:29317:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1024 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29071:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1025 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29072:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1026 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29073:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1027 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29074:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1028 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29075:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1029 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29076:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1030 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29077:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1031 (TANK) <KUID2:58223:29078:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 894 (Trans Habitat) <KUID2:58223:25327:2>


  7. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Colonists,

    When you read these posts I hope to find you safe and healthy in these crazy times, as well as your families!
    What I have done is create new and updated contents during the entire month of May, and now I will display that contents here, including some pictures that will come at the end of the posts. Also, I will display a list of contents made by passed Marsz contributors at the end!

    Ah, I've reached and passed 1000 kit's!

    Also, I've been thinking about creating other interesting worlds. See, although these items are titled Marsz, they can be use to create sci-fi layouts, for example, the movie Avatar, which is Earth-like, with a sci-fi twist to it, or Interstellar. Etc. Just simply have fun with trainz, and what it can do; For example: Let's say time does not change, and it's sunlight all day, you know, as a fun-sci-fi thing to do' so for this we need time-manipulation in Trainz - I asked at the forum, and Pware came up with this solution:

    "without the "Setup Options Rule" and the "Time and Rate Rule" present I have noticed that the time of day is 12:00 noon and does not change."

    Just thinking out of the box, having fun with trainz, and all we can do with it, LOL In fact, I've created some skies to create alien worlds! As we all know, in real life, there's trillion of planets out in the universe!

    Lastly, if you see anything wrong with any of the items titled, or texturing's, etc please please just
    drop me a PM: just copy/paste the item's title, if it's not too much trouble, so I can fix it!

    Well, Thanks for reading posts, stay safe and healthy Colonists! -- Here comes the list

    PS. My apologies, to many posts, it's because N3V limits the amount of characters that can be posted on a post!

    PSS. Unfortunately, I am a dialysis patient, so on June 2 I have surgery to re-arrange my veins to get better dialysis!
    Hopefully things are find at the end of that day, and I'll get back to creating. etc!

    The List
    Marsz-I Structure 013 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32676>
    Marsz-I Structure 082 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32677>
    Marsz-I Structure 090 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32678>
    Marsz-I Structure 419 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32679>
    Marsz-I Structure 440 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32687>
    Marsz-I Structure 708 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32688>
    Marsz-I Structure 618 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32689>
    Marsz-I Structure 619 (Private Residential) <KUID:58223:32690>
    Marsz-I Structure 900 (Colony Station 200m) <KUID:58223:32691> New station
    Marsz-I Envir 06 (Cyan Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32673>
    Marsz-I Envir 07 (Dark-Cyan Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32674>
    Marsz-I Envir 08 (Dark-Red Sky circa 2020) <KUID:58223:32675>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1057 (Super Crane) <KUID2:58223:29123:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1056 (Straddle Crane) <KUID2:58223:30252:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1054 (CRANE-100) <KUID:58223:32671>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1055 (CRANE-150) <KUID:58223:32672>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1051 (Radio Antenna) <KUID2:58223:24533:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1052 (Radio Transmission) <KUID2:58223:24828:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1053 (Radio Transmission) <KUID2:58223:24829:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1050 (Relay Antenna-200m) <KUID:58223:32670>
    Marsz-I Structure 128 (Commercial District) <KUID2:58223:24348:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 129 (Commercial District) <KUID2:58223:24534:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1048 (Elevator) <KUID2:58223:29978:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v1049 (Elevator) <KUID2:58223:29979:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 260 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32659>
    Marsz-I Structure 261 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32660>
    Marsz-I Structure 262 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32661>
    Marsz-I Structure 263 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32662>
    Marsz-I Structure 264 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32663>
    Marsz-I Structure 265 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32664>
    Marsz-I Structure 266 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32665>
    Marsz-I Structure 267 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32666>
    Marsz-I Structure 268 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32667>
    Marsz-I Structure 269 (Aerial-Outpost) <KUID:58223:32668>

  8. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    28 May 2020. Fixed the East FDL crossing controller - the others all got labelled correctly with the download. Had to upload the fix as :5, though. Replaced the Trees Mixed splines previously noted. Went ahead and replaced the mess of invisible track & junctions at South Amboy speeder shed with bendorsey's invisible_speeder_turntable. It seems to spin visible speeders too.

    Reviewed Monday PM Odd Jobs, renewed the artwork and tested the ending routine. Much nicer. Uploaded.

    Morning Connection works fine.

    Now working on Rock Train to provide more and better directions for the driver. That found out a couple of oversights in two consists which have been corrected and uploaded. The session needs artwork too.
    -- 30 --
  9. deneban's Avatar
    Tu foto es muy baja resolucion, no se puedo le bien. Mejor que recitar los numeros KUID que te da problemas.

    No puedo usar [CITA] [/CITA], necesito escribirlo en ingles.
    Updated May 28th, 2020 at 11:29 PM by deneban
  10. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    Joe, I'm sorry for your trouble, but I don't have 2019 and know nothing about it, at least not to help. You don't want the current version (4) of Fond du Lac anyway because it's got a defective crossing that will be corrected as soon as I've tested it.

    If you ask your question in the Trainz 2019 Forum I'm sure you'll get some knowledgeable help.

  11. Joea5c's Avatar
    I just finished downloading FDL - it took forever on my crappy connection. But it doesn't show up anywhere on my Trains 2019. What am I doing wrong?
  12. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    The Route and Basic Session went up yesterday with Morning Connection

    The trees & shrubs took about two months 4-5 hours/day. It started going quicker once there were enough larger woodlots to copy from. Started using mostly clam1952's billboard trees, but on his advice started using a lot more speedtrees in the mix to keep up performance. Shrubs were less tractable - JVC's older versions are either ghosty or have mirror reflections. Some of the newer ones look well but it took a while to pick those out.

    The signalling did not change much but in the CTC area at Iron Ridge the number-boarded permissive signals were replaced by absolute versions. Somehow the SM1N1 signal at the Military Rd. crossing got replaced with an unlabelled one and the ASB control went west. Found that on the Route and in the Basic Session. Corrected there but must check each session for it now. To expedite that the ASB Controller now resides outside the shed. In 2012 you could actually hit it with the cursor through the grating, but not in T:ANE. (?) Oh, and crossing signals were installed at Willow Grove Rd., but I forgot to shut the bell off on one side and it's loud.

    Revised the portal consists successfully and have put the revisions up on the DLS. These only pertain to the Quick Portal Manager though, the sessions may or may not have built-ins which must still be reviewed. I've already uploaded the fixed versions of majekear's cars that showed errors. Thanks, Rene!

    Still haven't installed that speeder turntable at South Byron - didn't think of it. And there are at least two Trees Mixed splines lurking in the underbrush that I overlooked or ignored. So there's still stuff to do with the Route.

    So, on to the sessions, existing TANE ones first.

    -- 30 --
  13. Joea5c's Avatar
    I'm sure it will be fantastic... whenever it's done downloading! =) Growing up in the Milwaukee 'burbs, I envied my cousins who got to grow up in a small town like Horicon. They considered it boring as hell. The oldest cousin now lives in Chicago, the middle cousin lives in the Milwaukee 'burbs, and the youngest cousin in the Twin Cities.

    I also have at least some idea of your labors: a few years back, I did a DEM map-based version of the Mississippi Valley between Winona (my parents' hometown) and LaCrosse, which is still my favorite stretch of railroad to this day. I spent a lot of time working on it but I accidentally forgot to transfer it to my new iMac back in 2015. I blame it on all the vodka. But now I am back with Trainz 2019!

    I only got to take the train through Washington state once: the EB Empire Builder in December, 2016. I was asleep the entire time, of course. I'll bet you never forgot those rides with your Grandpa! Thanks again for continuing his tradition of keeping the Milwaukee Road alive!

  14. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    I hope the route lives up to your expectations! I've done the best I could with available assets, working from Google Streets and various maps. I've never been closer than I-90 but my ex-daughter-in-law is from Menomonie and I've been through Appleton on US 10. The new revision looks a lot better but I'm still working on performance. Hope to have it up in a week or two -- everything takes longer, as they say.

    If you go to Content Manager and open the route in Explorer, there is a readme text file with notes on the route and its reconstruction.

    My Granddad Nate Jones was a trainman on the Western Extension working out of Spokane. He took me on a couple of runs to Couer d'Alene and one to Deer Lodge and back on the Hiawatha. His father was chief timekeeper on the Coast division here in Seattle.

  15. Antony92160's Avatar
    There was actually a detailed payware version of the TGV-PSE with a TGV-R cab by the (late) site La France en Trains.

    This is actually the train with which I always played with in Trainz when I was younger. Very sentimental to me too. Good luck with your project!
  16. Joea5c's Avatar
    Hurray! I am downloading Fond du Lac for T:ANE right now (if that is the right place to start). My dad was a signal maintainer on the Milwaukee Road from 1953 to 1992, and my uncle was the maintainer at Horicon in the 1970s and 1980s. So I know the area and I love it dearly. I eagerly look forward to encountering it again on Trainz!
  17. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    20 May: Mileposts have been redone. I was a quarter-mile off on the original; don't remember doing it but must have done some earlier research. Today internet search located a Wisconsin DOT report on rail bridge condition that put the Iron Ridge underpass at 132.5 on the WSOR, so we're continuing with that, assuming WSOR used the CMStP&P miles. Originally the mileposts were installed by using the ruler and a measuring train asset; this time I used the Track Scanner asset. Came out about 0.72 miles difference overall. Be working on signals again tomorrow; Iron Ridge's are done, Downtown and the line still to do.

  18. parryjc's Avatar
    Use AI
    All animated T/T can be rotated by an AI Train to whichever road you need it to be at.
  19. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    20 May: The reforestation project is as complete as it will get. On Clam1952's advice more speed trees have been put in to keep performance up. I have gone through the shrubbery and made some changes, but the assets are limited. The shinier ones have been replaced but even so there are some mirror bushes. "Trees Shrubs" look better at a distance than up close, so the trackside ones have been replaced with a mix of splines and speed trees. The further ones look OK. Conversely the non-reflective shrub splines look better close up than at a distance.

    Next step is to overhaul the mileposts, then number the signals. With the JR and related searchlight and Safetran signals defective (they only respond to locos moving forward, not reversed) this will not be as extensive as planned. The JR signals have been replaced. Happily there is a nice set of revised Auran signals under CDN that are perfectly suitable.

    When that is all done I'll put the revised route up.

    -- 30 --
  20. RHKluckhohn's Avatar
    You would get a lot more action on your query if you posted it to the Forum instead of here.

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