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  1. Error

    I am making a unstoppable remake in Trainz a new era but some of the downloads that I are not always working. I keep getting a message that says missing dependicies or faulty. and i have no one who plays this to help. Can someone help me?
  2. Version :6 Work In Progress

    • First thing done was the safety items. The east whistle posts are back in South Amboy - replaced the old wood posts with new type - and the speed limit on the Metalcraft spur.
    • The mileposts were off by 2/10 mile. Ugh. However, they are now prototypically correct and the signals have been renumbered to match. That was one of the two most time-consuming jobs.
    • Converting crossings from ATLS to Attilacrossings was the other major job. Only those in shunting areas were addressed. That

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  3. LKM V30C Locomotive

    Last Month i cant seek this locomotive in Trainz. but i found on youtube by Trainz new Mania, but unfortunately he has deleted the content. So I rebuilt on my sketchup with a photo v30c in Indonesia.

    as a start I made LKM V30C in indonesia with build number 263002 a.k.a C 300 01

    Attachment 2076Attachment 2077

    and continued with 263001, in indonesia known as "C300 Prototype" and purchased by Deutsch Reichsbahn with number ...
  4. problem with surveyor

    Help !
    recently everytime I try to use surveyor on a route I have been working on it presents me with a plan view only. Where has the normal 3/4 view gone, how do I fix this ?
  5. Live Streaming Other Sims

    I some times live stream Trainz, but today I am doing a big op-session in Run8.