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  1. Hooray For Thomas!

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    This is a video for you to watch.
  2. Hooray For Thomas!

    This is a video for you to watch.
  3. Project : 80 Item street signal pack with nightmode and lights

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    This content pack will contain 80 street signals for construction sites. they can also be donloaded individual. there will be added items every day. when the pack is complete, it will move to the freeware section. Meanwhile, you can allready download the finished items with nightmode and flashing corona's. You can download them here : Download

  4. Trainz Premium Routes

    RegioJet cars now available

    For more details, please enter our site @ http://trainzpremiumroutes.weebly.com/

  5. Upcoming Si3D for December 2017

    New Si3D Locomotives and Rolling Stock for Si3D (on Christmas):
    Percy the Small Engine 2012
    Toby the Tram Engine 2012
    Gordon the Big Blue Express Engine 2012
    Donald and Douglas 2012
    Oliver the Great Western Engine2012
    Murdoch 2012
    Arthur 2012
    Iron 'Arry and 'Iron Bert
    Express Coaches 2012
    CGI Gordon 2012
    CGI Edward 2012
    CGI Henry 2012
    CGI Percy 2012
    CGI Toby 2012
    CGI Donald and Douglas 2012
    CGI Duck 2012