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  1. Missing bogies for sd90

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    Well it seems the bogie is installed but it is chucking up errors because its now missing a kuid as well
    Unknown Location: <kuid2:45324:50038:1>
    this is a shocking night mare
  2. TrackPriorityMarker : Thread Exception: ER_NullReference, line 29, file trackpriority

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    Hi, can someone tell me how to get this bug off my Trains 12. TrackPriorityMarker : Thead Exeption: ER_NullReference, line29, file trackpriority.
    trainz build 61388. Will update the full message as soon it comes up again.

    Thread Exception: ER_NullReference, line 29, file trackprioritymarker.gs

    Stack dump:


    function $Soup@TrackPriorityMarker::GetProperties(), line -1

    This is when I save my route I am
  3. Trainz 2012 content

    I recently had some issues with my video drive, but I thought it was my trainz 12 game itself. So in order to fix it, I uninstalled the game and lost all the 3rd party content (mostly freeware, some payware) and I'm currently in dissapointment because I lost it all and am unsure if there is an easier way to get it all back without manually installing each asset one by one. Please help me.
  4. Augsburg Yard Sign Delivered

    Thanks to Wayne's Trains, there is a new sign sitting out at the entrance to the Augsburg Yard on the ACRR.

    This photo shows workers as they finish installing the new sign. Work continues on the railroad. Right now, I am working on fixing several different models of SW1500 in hopes of creating a template for reskinning. Right now, I can't release any photos until I get permissions ...
  5. The Augsburg & Concord Railroad Still Lives

    After about a week and a half without a computer, I am back able to work on my Augsburg & Concord Railroad Route. The computer did not like having a full glass of ice tea poured over the laptop. End result was putting a new keyboard and touchpad. Unfortunately, the touchpad doesn't work; but since I use an external mouse, I am ok.

    I also have figures out how to get TS 12 to work on this machine. So, the route is being continued in TS12. I decided that I wanted some area with ...