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  1. plz give sporbust content out if you have some

    if you have sporbust content like his dash 9 clone it and upload it to the dls like the dash 9ws he made dash 8ws and others maybe even reskin his into your very own custom dash 9 and upload it oh gramma stop taking your stuff down
  2. trainz

    i have trs12. i have so much downloaded for it. dose anyone no if the stuff will work in the new trainz?
  3. Trainz Premium Routes

    Merry Christmas from the TPR Team !

    The offer is available until 16.01.2017 and it applies to the routes and rolling stock available on our site at


  4. Thoughts On Intersections & ATL

    There are very few roads that match the available fixed intersections for width, height and texture, and vice versa. Some combinations that worked in 2009 don't work in 2012. Even the LP series have developed mismatches in height.
    Solution? I'm going through Fond Du Lac replacing many intersection objects with self-spline intersections. Appearance of foreground intersections can be greatly improved and unusual road patterns are better supported. It doesn't take that much longer to insert a piece
  5. Route Romania