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    The hanger is large enough to accommodate all aerial units!

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    Good Afternoon Colonists

    Back home as you have read, and each day getting stronger! With that said, a few updates:

    Marsz-I Structure 712 (MEI Hanger) <KUID:58223:32379>
    Marsz-I Kit x v787 (Water Pressure Pipe) <KUID:58223:32380>
    Marsz-I Kit x v788 (Water Pressure Pipe) <KUID:58223:32381>
    Marsz-I Kit x v789 (Water Pressure Pipe) <KUID:58223:32382>
    Marsz-I Kit x v790 (Water Pressure Pipe) <KUID:58223:32383>
    Marsz-I Kit x v791 (Water Pressure Pipe) <KUID:58223:32384>
    Marsz-I Aerial 000 (Water Tanker) <KUID:58223:32373>
    Marsz-I Aerial 001 (Passenger Service) <KUID:58223:32374>
    Marsz-I Aerial 002 (Passenger Service) <KUID:58223:32375>
    Marsz-I Aerial 003 (Cargo-Transporter) <KUID:58223:32376>
    Marsz-I Aerial 004 (Gas-Transporter) <KUID:58223:32377>
    Marsz-I Aerial 005 (Gas-Liquid-Transporter) <KUID:58223:32378>

    Marsz Aerial Units are what I consider X-PLANE style -- picture below -- These aerial units carry load, and they're at the DLS!

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    Vermutlich sind die Assets fehlerhaft. Lass dir mal die Fehler anzeigen. Das dürfte dir eine Idee geben.
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    Hello Justin/norfolksouthern37. I tried sending you a PM, but it kept saying your inbox was full. I was trying to see if I can ask for your permission to reskin a model of your's from the DLS and to share the reskin.
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    I am currently working on a project modeling all the locomotive classes that shunted Southampton Docks. The C14 Shunted the smaller quays where the E2s and USA tanks couldn't reach so I am definitely considering this one. If anyone has any diagrams I can go off I will definitely add it to my Southampton Project.
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    Hello Don and O

    Hope u both had a great Christmas, and a Happy New year!

    Update on my conidtion can be found here:

    Take Care
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    Price will be 29.95 $. Yeah I'd love to do more trains around the world
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    i am glad more locos are coming out from around the world,i am looking forward to this one as a gold class member. i wonder how much it will cost after the 2 weeks.
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    The Erecting Hall Has a Blank MLW RS-18u on their site should you wish to try a hand at reskinning one.
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    This topic never existed. I was young and stupid.
    My apologies, Oknotsen.
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