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  1. Interested in train physics?

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    In the upcoming Trainz Plus beta release we will be including the new TNI physics plug-in. The plug-in includes all the internal train physics for DCC, diesel and steam as well as braking systems and shared systems such as resistance. It doesn't currently include other systems such as train motion, coupling, collisions or derailments.

    In this thread we'd like to find people who are interested in helping us test the new physics to ensure things are working as expected, and also C++ programmers
  2. Introduction

    Hello! i'm luigimario64! but please call me OriginalWaybackMate as my considered username i wanted to use. i grew up with trainz ever since i was 3 - 4 years old with trainz railroad simulator 2006 with my windows xp emachines computer, despite how stupid i was back then i still love that game to death, then went i got steam i also managed to grab my copies of trainz 2009, 2010, and 12, i had a blast with all 3 of them, but eventually i lost interest playing trainz and moved on to gmod n' such, ...
  3. Ste de "papytrainz"


    sélectionner la map , demander l'affichage des dépendances , cliquer sur l'onglet statut qui va regrouper les dépendances par type et tu auras les manquants regroupés, tu sélectionnes et tu m'envoies..

    tous ces kuids son inconnu , merci a toi

    <kuid:546000:100138> ...
  4. Russian Locos can work better?

    Hi to all, is possible make work russian locos with non russian keyboard? I use Dumont`s Locos and simple reyboard control like the horn, dont work in dcc or cab mode.. Any help Please??
  5. how to eliminate invisible trains? (which I did not put in)

    Hello everybody, I realized that in a custom session there are two invisible trains (which I have not inserted) and I cannot eliminate them in any way. Anyone have an idea please? This is frustrating because when I launch the game the other trains collide with these invisible trains. Thanks in advance for any kind of suggestions.
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