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    Marsz-I Kit x v813 (Process Ahead Extremely Caution) <KUID2:58223:25472:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v815 (Buffer Stopper) <KUID2:58223:25751:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v819 (Unload Area) <KUID2:58223:25752:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v820 (Unload Area) <KUID2:58223:25753:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v821 (Flag Red) <KUID2:58223:24239:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v822 (Flag Black) <KUID:58223:32397>
    Marsz-I Kit x v823 (Flag Security) <KUID:58223:32398>
    Marsz-I Kit x v824 (Flag Medical Facility) <KUID:58223:32399>
    Marsz-I Kit x v825 (Flag Science Labs) <KUID:58223:32400>
    Marsz-I Kit x v826 (Flag CRAP) <KUID:58223:32401>
    Marsz-I Kit x v827 (Flag M) <KUID:58223:32402>
    Marsz-I Structure 713 (Landing Bay) <KUID2:58223:24513:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v830 (Circular Base) <KUID2:58223:24521:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v831 (Circular Tunnel) <KUID2:58223:24931:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v828 (Arrival Gate - Door) <KUID2:58223:28970:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v829 (Arrival GatE Pillar) <KUID2:58223:28971:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 714 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24379:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 715 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24390:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 716 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24391:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 717 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24415:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 718 (Sky city) <KUID2:58223:24777:1>

    Well, that's it, Colonists!
    Enjoy, download them, be creative!!!
    Now, wash your hands, be safe and healthy, stay inside -- outside if you must! We will get over this, US just finished testing over a million samples in labs for a cure, and hopefully all world wide governments are doing the same!
    god bless all of you!!!


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    Marsz-I Industrial Track (All Products Available) <KUID2:58223:10179:3>
    Marsz-I Structure 725 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24111:3>
    Marsz-I Structure 724 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24112:3>
    Marsz-I Structure 726 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24114:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 736 (Sky City) <KUID2:58223:24238:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 761 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:10116:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 760 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:10117:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 758 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:24366:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 759 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24606:3>
    Marsz-I Structure 762 (Bio Habitat) <KUID2:58223:24613:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 750 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28994:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 751 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28995:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 752 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28996:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 753 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28997:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 754 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28998:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 755 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:28999:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 757 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:29001:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 780 (Hanger) <KUID2:58223:24119:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 774 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:24129:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 772 (Mantenance Unit) <KUID2:58223:24146:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 773 (Residential Dock) <KUID2:58223:24230:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 776 (Quarters Dome) <KUID2:58223:24231:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 763 (UFO) <KUID2:58223:24523:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 764 (UFO) <KUID2:58223:24524:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 765 (UFO) <KUID2:58223:24525:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 779 (Hanger Mega) <KUID2:58223:24588:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 766 (Pyramid) <KUID2:58223:24614:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 767 (Pyramid) <KUID2:58223:24615:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 768 (Pyramid) <KUID2:58223:24616:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 775 (Quarters) <KUID2:58223:25308:2>
    Marsz-I Structure 770 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:30110:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 771 (Underground Base) <KUID2:58223:30111:1>
    Marsz-I Structure 769 (Pyramid) <KUID:58223:32396>
    Marsz-I Structure 777 (Quarters) <KUID:58223:32403>
    Marsz-I Structure 778 (Quarters) <KUID:58223:32404>
    Marsz-I Kit x v792 (Large Sign M) <KUID:58223:32386>
    Marsz-I Kit x v793 (Medium Sign M) <KUID:58223:32387>
    Marsz-I Kit x v794 (Small Sign M) <KUID:58223:32388>
    Marsz-I Kit x v802 (Industrial Pipe) <KUID2:58223:24559:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v795 (Cargo Container) <KUID:58223:32389>
    Marsz-I Kit x v796 (Cargo Container) <KUID:58223:32390>
    Marsz-I Kit x v797 (Cargo Container) <KUID:58223:32391>
    Marsz-I Kit x v798 (Cargo Container) <KUID:58223:32392>
    Marsz-I Kit x v799 (Cargo Container) <KUID:58223:32393>
    Marsz-I Kit x v800 (Water Pipe) <KUID:58223:32394>
    Marsz-I Kit x v801 (Water Pipe) <KUID:58223:32395>
    Marsz-I Kit x v803 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25397:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v804 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25398:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v805 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25399:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v806 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25405:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v807 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25406:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v808 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25413:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v809 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25416:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v810 (Solar Array Panels) <KUID2:58223:25424:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v811 (Blast Wall) <KUID2:58223:24126:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v814 (Buffer Stopper) <KUID2:58223:24229:2>
    Marsz-I Kit x v816 (Conduits Pillar) <KUID2:58223:24382:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v817 (Conduits Pillar) <KUID2:58223:24383:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v818 (Conduits Pillar) <KUID2:58223:24384:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v812 (Right Extreme Caution)

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    Hello Colonists,

    It's been a long time that I have not typed up one of these posts. It feels nice to do so. From few seconds of dying on a Hospital emergency operating room bed at 12:30am in 2018, in which the nurse called my wife via phone and put me on for, maybe, my last words to fully recovered in 2020; And bringing Marsz back to life! I feel great, and healthy, but I do have a few serious underdying conditions, so hopefully I don't catch this virus, and hopefully none of you either, or your families. However, Marsz is all clean, so I'll tell you, Welcome to Mars, my friends!

    Today, list below countless of items new and updated! Your Content creation manager should display all of this info! Here's the list:

    Marsz-I Kit x v861 (Wind Shield) <KUID:58223:32421>
    Marsz-I Kit x v862 (Jet Engine) <KUID:58223:32422>
    Marsz-I Kit x v863 (Jet Engine) <KUID:58223:32423>
    Marsz-I Kit x v864 (Jet Engine) <KUID:58223:32424>
    Marsz-I Kit x v865 (Jet Engine) <KUID:58223:32425>
    Marsz-I Kit x v855 (Bridge) <KUID:58223:32415>
    Marsz-I Kit x v856 (Bridge) <KUID:58223:32416>
    Marsz-I Kit x v857 (Bridge) <KUID:58223:32417>
    Marsz-I Kit x v858 (Bridge w/ Pillars) <KUID:58223:32418>
    Marsz-I Kit x v859 (Bridge w/ Pillars) <KUID:58223:32419>
    Marsz-I Kit x v860 (Bridge w/ Pillars) <KUID:58223:32420>
    Marsz-I Structure 781 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32410>
    Marsz-I Structure 782 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32411>
    Marsz-I Structure 783 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32412>
    Marsz-I Structure 784 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32413>
    Marsz-I Structure 785 (Residential Habita) <KUID:58223:32414>
    Marsz-I Kit x v849 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24404:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v833 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24670:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v834 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24671:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v835 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24672:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v836 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24673:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v837 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24674:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v838 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24675:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v839 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24676:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v840 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24677:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v841 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24678:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v842 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24679:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v843 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24680:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v844 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24681:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v845 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24682:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v846 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24683:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v847 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24684:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v848 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:24685:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v832 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:28985:1>
    Marsz-I Kit x v850 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:32405:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v851 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:32406:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v852 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:32407:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v853 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:32408:127>
    Marsz-I Kit x v854 (Cargo Container) <KUID2:58223:32409:127>


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    Quote Originally Posted by oknotsen
    Happy to read you are still alive and kicking!
    Hello O

    Thank you, sir, for the kind words!
    U, and your family stay safe now!

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    Happy to read you are still alive and kicking!
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have had serious health issues since early 2018, in that, I almsot kicked the bucket 2x; But hold on to your sockets, I'm here, feeling great, and i just purchased TRZ19 PL ED!

    I just transferred my neverending route Marsz into TRZ19, and all of the marsz contents that's at the DLS as well as Don's. Ed, Ben (rrest in peace my dear friend), and Paulo! I'm not completely back yet, but I am taken baby-steps for now! I still have health issues: I go to dialysis 3x times a week, and my doctor said that I am suited for a kidney transplant, yet my blood results are not bad, but not good either. Also, 5-6 weeks I need eye injections, but my eyes are getting better, and hopefuly, with prayer, I would not need no more injections! My heart is getting stronger, and that's about it. Anyhow, back to the trainz world! Building stuff is out of the question for now. I lost all my skillz, and to reclaim those skills that would take some serious time; However, I can still work here and there on the Marsz route, and that's what I am planning to do for now!

    As for TRZ19, looks promising, have not explore the sim yet! N3V did implemented one of my suggestions I made ages ago on distinguishing the routes, not bunch them all together, which makes it much more easier to find your own route in the driver/surveyor section!

    Well, Colonists, that's it!
    Thanks for stopping by -- stay safe, healthy, wash hands, stay inside!

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    Oh. I'm the original author, in the Suggestion Forum. I just stuck Zec's reply in my blog for future reference.

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    Pointer to the topic to avoid people starting the same discussion twice.
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    Ummm.... The point being?

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    Here is a fun one I made:
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    More people will see your posts if you post on the forums rather than the blog (click "forum" on the top to go there).

    That being said, you can download Trainz and install it as many times as you want but you must use the same login information for that install.
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    Kawasaki Rolling Stock Mfg. Japan 1963 Cummins 400 HP Hydraulic Shunter ( TRS 2019 )
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    Technically ES-64s (or 44s... they have the same exterior) but not bad.