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  1. 8 days till Frecciarossa

    Freccio is coming. Just eight days to go

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  2. Grandmother

    my grandmother passed away Wednesday night at the age of 87 and my grandparents were married for 64 years
    and tomorrow is the funeral
    and Wednesday, January 16th would have been their 65th anniversary
  3. Anfrage

    Hallo !
    Ich benutze PTP2 ca.2010.
    Nach dem Herunterladen schreiben sich die Materialanzeigen in der Datei rot auf.
    Diese kann ich nicht öffnen.
    Kann mir jemand einen Rat dagegen geben.
    Im Voraus Danke ?
  4. Frecciarossa on preview for Gold Class members

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    Frecciarossa passed Q/A and will be released on 25.01.2019 via 3DZUG, trainsim.store, Trainz Store and Steam.
    Featuring the latest PBR materials, the incredibly detailed ETR 1000 Frecciarossa is ready for N3V Gold Class members to Preview for two weeks prior to going on sale on the Trainz Store.
    Gold Class members, as part of the membership, this DLC (trainset + 2 sessions) is automatically added to your MyTrainz account and once downloaded, ...
  5. Frecciarossa is (very) close...

    Nothing can stop it! The worlds first 3rd party pbr highspeed train is just around the corner. Have a sneak peak for our animated passengers

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