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  1. Trainz 22 And Trainz TANE Download stations errors happen and idk how to fix it

    these are the errors have with my Dowload Station messages show up saying "unable to download asset connection interrupted" with these errors i cannot own anything from from the the Download Station trainz feels kinda empty without being to download stuff from the Download Station I do have a MyTrainz account for online things and the Download station but even if I have a MyTrainz account i still get errors.That also means I can't download dependecies for 3rd party content some stuff ...

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  2. Download Station help

    Hello trainz community, I am having difficulty with downloading conent to TS2012, especially things that I want to download. (Ex: SD40 Southern or ATSF Dash 9). I'm aware that I have to Search for the missing dependencies/ kuid numbers but I always end up failing. I dont know where to go to see the missing dependencies when in the D.S. Can anyone offer advice/ step by step intsructions? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Use of Product Categories

    The Trainz community seems to have a pretty good grasp of products. Many 3rd party content creators have made products, and there are over 2000 separate products now available in Trainz. However, there have been very few product-categories created, and those that have seem to have been broadly ignored, and are restricted to use on only a few wagons and industries. Because of this, it can be difficult for users to find the right wagon or industry for a particular product.

    A product-category ...

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  4. Repairing faulty assets on the DLS

    If one of your favourite assets is faulty when downloaded from the DLS, you may wish to repair it and provide that repair to others. This may be particularly important for a content creator wishing to use that asset in their creation.

    The Download Station Cleanup process allows a trainz user to repair assets created by other trainz content creators on the DLS. You can find some documentation about the process on the TrainzDev Wiki.

    If you do decide to repair an asset, there ...

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