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  1. Jointed Rail not working for Me

    I tried going into the Jointed Rail site and it said it failed to establish database. I tried resetting the computer and it didn't work and it still didn't work. Does anybody know what to do?
  2. Finding an Ancient Layout

    Hello all. I am currently searching for one of those ancient layouts for UTC-TRS2004 that is mountain themed, with one side winter and the other summer. I believe, as far as I could remember, was created by teleport_8, the same guy who created the "Iceland" and the desert-themed "Big 8" routes. (Actually, I do vaguely remember all 3 of them shared the same website...) Any ideas what it was? Please respond ASAP, and thanks.
  3. New Website

  4. my new up c44acm's

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	2407 hope this can be seen okay
  5. Vidéos YouTube

    Quote Originally Posted by PatGerard View Post

    Pour les Z5300/6100/6300 il s'agit de matériel provenant de MSTS

    Amicalement ,Pat
    Bonjour Pat, bonjour à toutes et à tous,

    Merci pour la réponse. Dommage pour les trainzeurs.
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