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  1. K&L Trainz

    K&L Trainz | Trainz Steam Locomotives | Trainz Steam Locomotives (kltrainz.com) K&L Trainz is working on the CN 6060 and a remastered PRR K4. Stay tuned for its release. Link in the Post.https://youtu.be/4xdjRl2T528 Latest promo Video.
  2. why does custom content not spawn in trainz 12 railyard?

    by , June 12th, 2022 at 12:21 AM (Why can't trains in rail yard spwan?)
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	2359Help why does it not appear in railyard??????????
  3. Are ex-GWR Modified Halls or Granges available to download anywhere?

    Afternoon all,

    Does anybody know if/where you can download ex-GWR Modified Hall or Grange from? I've seen some old screenshots of them, but there is nothing on the DLS.


    Hi everyone do you know a route Durand Mi TRS2019? Well guess what. I made a route of the CN HOLLY SUBVERSION. Iím like around 85-90% finished and The Route is gonna take place to Durand MI - Pontiac MI I donít know about the farmland that I fill up much but I filled a lot of trees like a forest there if you guys are okay with it. But Iím at Pontiac MI right now building and Iíll make a loop if you wanna keep driving your locomotives. The railroad crossing Iím working on that and putting the right ...
  5. Trainz causes a powercut !

    Quote Originally Posted by JCitron View Post
    Cyberpower are good and I recommend them as well after using those for years. Another good one is Tripp-Lite. Those units seem to last forever even when put to the job and have proven reliable.
    I switched my rx580 into my other mac pro and and using trainz again, the computer cut out and would only restart once its power cable had been removed and left for about 15 seconds.
    I think it must be the card combined with trainz's demands on the power supply as the mac pros are fine with ...
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