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  1. TANE cinematic videos

    run the game full screen - ctlr-H
    Quote Originally Posted by ronniegibs View Post
    Does anyone know to get shots like this?

    I am trying to figure out how to get good videos of trains running without having the controls or border of the game in my shot.
    Any help is appreacted
  2. basemape problem

    I just downloaded the Program Basemapz for Trainz 2019 already have Google earth pro. Program is great work fine down loaded overhead view of Fullerton, ca Amtrak station for route i'm working on. Created layer called Basemap in surveyor and place Fullerton Basemape on board. Watched Flamerails Tutorial on useing Basemapz and locked Basemap on route layer but it still moves when i place and object and try to move only the object. In Flamerails tutorial basemap did not move once it was locked ...
  3. Questions .

    Ok . Here's my first question :

    How do i fix a modified , faulty asset if it's

    - a built in one
    - created by a user ?
  4. Some kind of introduction .

    Hello everyone .

    Despite of my forum title i'm still a newbie in the world of Trainz . I decided to start my blog because i don't want to spam the official forum with my threads .

    I will create two basic blog sections:

    - questions

    - hunt for the kuids

    Thank you for your help and patience .
  5. DLS Horns

    Hi, I've been modding my engines lately and I'm hoping you all can help me find some good DLS horns. I'm looking for Canadian/ North American horns from all eras. If you now of any I should check out please let me know!
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