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  1. Indonesian Trainz

    [QUOTE = hadika; 1805168] Mengikuti om itok99

    Kendaraan Inspeksi Perumka PTKA [/ QUOTE]
  2. Achievments

    I have Trainz 2019 Platinum edition with extra routes and consists etc installed and running. But achievments only seem to be working for the Tutorials and the Kickstarter 2 route. Switching, freight and passenger achievments are not incrementing. I note only the Kickstarter sessions are listed under the Sessions tab, no other routes feature. Any helpful suggestions appreciated...
  3. Changing ID/Username

    I have looked everywhere in Helper Desk to find how to change your username in the Trainz Simulator New Era. Can someone help me? I have tried everything and nothing... helper page is not too helpful and if I want to send a question query it tells me to log in and I am logged on. Can someone help me? What are your solutions?

    And I don't want to create new account... but if it's too hard, I'll might end up doing that.

    Thank you.....
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  4. traffic sunk into road bed?

    Quote Originally Posted by SailorDan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Stroller1947 View Post
    Traffic sinks into some roads especially on hills.
    What traffic and what road? If it's a DLS route, what hill?
  5. Industry, leave my train brake alone!

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    Hi RHKluckhohn
    At the current time, the industries take control of the train in the same way that an AI driver controls the train. This means that when control is returned, the train brakes will be applied as this is what happens when control is returned from an AI driver.

    However, you can generally prevent this from occurring by adding the 'Advanced Industry Load Configuration' rule, and then configuring the industry to not take control of the trains. Please note that in some
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