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  1. C H A R G E R

    Would anyone download a Washington state Department of Transportation/Amtrak Cascades Siemens SC-44 Charger?

    Cause Dave and I are working on one

    T:ANE compatible btw.
  2. AMTZ Screenshot Competition

    AMTZ is hosting a Screenshot competition. Come join the competition!

  3. where i can download the awvr 777 with dependencies

    where i can download the amtrak p42 with dependencies included i need this train for trainz 12
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  4. Coming this week to Amtrak Trainz Group

    We're gearing up for another release this week at Amtrak Trainz Group.

  5. Metrolink Pack 1 Release!

    Early Beta Photos by Metrarailboy1

    Now available from Amtrak Trainz Group: a pack of Metrolink Bombardier BiLevels.
    Pack includes four different cars and a matching F59PHI. ...

    Updated July 19th, 2012 at 12:10 PM by PerRock (typo)

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