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  1. Surveyor 2.0 - Discussion Thread

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    I'm not sure if the surveyor is the right place to ask, but I would like, please, an "IF - ELSE - THEN" stuf in the session edit menu.
    I use an IF .. ELSE .. THEN equivalent all the time in Session Rules using variables. See the first example on the Trainz Wiki page at https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/...ons_(Examples)
  2. collieries where shunters work

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    you know orgreaves colliery? it uses shunters to work on it. can some of you make a colliery that was made for shunters to load the engines. type choo Choo if you want to test out your 0-4-0T/0-6-0Ts on coaling. you can base it on collieries from real life or make it completely freelanced, just make sure to finish it by September 30th 2021.and to maki it compatible for Trainz a new era or older.
  3. I have had enough.

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    from the wiki:
    For a three part hornsound, the sounds for the horn are placed in a subdirectory called 'horn'.
    The lead-in sound should be named 'start.wav', the loop should be named 'idle 1.wav' and the lead-out sound should be named 'stop.wav'.
    The bell sound is as for a single part or two part horn.
    hope this helps
  4. I JUST WANT AN LMS CIMSON 2-6-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    I wanted to have every Thomas and friends character based on their color. I didn't want to trigger Wilbert awdry so I got a gnr c1 for Henry. if you didn't know, Wilbert wanted Henry as an Atlantic. but that's not what we are focusing on. when I was looking for a James, I couldn't, I looked and looked but I just couldn't find it! can you tell me where I could find one?
  5. CAN ANY ONE HELP ME WITH THE 4-4-0 s from Trainz forge

    So Iíve download every 4-4-0 from Trainz forge for TRS19 but for every single engine it say faulty but only for the engine not the tender in I donít know how to fix it. I can use them In TANE and they work perfectly fine but for some reason not in TRS19. Iím mainly trying to fix the Antelope, gold run, Jupiter, storm, leviathan, whirlwind, gazelle,177, 19, 18 and the Union Pacific Schenectady 4-4-0s

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