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  1. TS12 and Windows 7

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    More Ram is the way to go. When I ran TS12 in Win7 it was just like yours.
    I increased the ram to 8Gig and it ran really well. The main thing not to do is click the game when it appears frozen ,that will definitely crash it completely. The build number is on the opening splash screen , down the bottom on the right side.
    The highest version for Pre SP1 is 49922.
    On 8Gig it still freezes up , help desk no help they are aware of issues on compatibility ...
  2. sp9813's Work/ Southwest Trainz

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    ...which will encompass the 100 or so miles....
    Perfect. I was hoping it reached/exceeded 60 miles.

    As for how long it takes. That is at your pace. I have no problems waiting for quality. From what I see in the pics so far, I will enjoy this when ready for the masses.
  3. tapie

    in tane how do you do correct the shimmer type effect of the sleepers when moving.
  4. Birdseye Frozen Food Plant DES

    I downloaded Birdseye Frozen Food Plant DES. it looks great. when I put it on my layout I get err and when I set the loads it wont save. how can I fix it
    thank you
  5. UTun G 2P and UTun G 4P

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    I've been having a huge problem ever since I downloaded Trainz 2012. I have the 61388 version but these two assets I cannot fix.

    Asset name: Author ID: Asset KUID: Build Version:
    UTun G 2P mcq <kuid2:121826:20004:1> 2.0

    UTun G 4P mcq <kuid2:121826:20005:1> 2.0

    This is what the asset UTun G 4P looks like on my East Bay Transit Authority Route:
    Trainz Simulator 12