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  1. missing kuid ISC NSW 102019 by Grazlash

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    Hi Graeme just 2 more kuids from your ISC NSW 102019>......<kuid:661281:75015>and <kuid2:93112:37920:1> Regards Ken
  2. Trainmaster189's Freeware Releases

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    Recent News/Life Update 9/23/2021

    Everyone I would like to let you guys know that I might be taking a break from Trainz or might leave the game for a long while. I just would like to say why I just made this decision.

    First, I recently had to reset my PC after I had problems with it starting up and all of the freeware content I have collected in my game for several years now are gone. I do have a 2 TB external hard drive which I backed up a lot of things, but I should’ve
  3. fixing download content issues

    ; <kuid:368725:49015> : Validating <kuid:368725:49015>
    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE34: Alias mesh 'rail-flat-bright-0.im' not found in latest version (<kuid2:368725:49000:11>) of dependency <kuid:368725:49000>.
    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE76: Unable to load mesh file: 'rail-flat-bright-0.im'
    - <kuid:368725:49015> : VE34: Alias mesh 'rail-flat-bright-1.im' not found in latest version (<kuid2:368725:49000:11>) of dependency <kuid:368725:49000>. ...
  4. LIRR W83 Jaws 3

    Is there anyone out there who takes commissions? I would like for someone to model the LIRR Plow 83W nicknamed jaws 3
    LIRR Snowplow | Lacking snow, the Long Island Railroad's sno… | Flickr
  5. Surveyor 2.0 - Discussion Thread

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    I'm not sure if the surveyor is the right place to ask, but I would like, please, an "IF - ELSE - THEN" stuf in the session edit menu.
    I use an IF .. ELSE .. THEN equivalent all the time in Session Rules using variables. See the first example on the Trainz Wiki page at https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/...ons_(Examples)
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