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  1. Is is possible to offset something (rail track, road) to create 2 or more


    I am not only a trainz user but also a AutoCAD user and was wondering if there was a way to offset track in TRS 2019.

    Sometimes I wish the was some AutoCAD commands built-into surveyor.

  2. Help needed with Gameholic's 1994 rws timothy in trs2009

    Hey guys i need help with gameholics1994 timothy and its faulty and it said Error: The texture 'sre2_body/e2w1.tga' failed to load. Does anyone know how to fix it? on trs2009?
  3. Metro trains Melbourne content

    I am currently making the metro trains content starting with the comeng cars.

    I can't post images sadly
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. Trains, Parks and Other Things RGCX

    Quote Originally Posted by john2002 View Post
    I thought you gave up RGCX?
    Why creators stop creating.

    You provide a gift and get a punch in the nose.
  5. NG driveable deckloader

    I recenty just downloaded the NG drivable deck loader by Pierreparis but the depedecie Dll loco track ng is faulty. Is there anyway to fix this?
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