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  1. jon trail f-7 loco motive engine

  2. Fond Du Lac Updates

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    Fond Du Lac Branch :12 is on the DLC.

    Other changes are detailed on the Fond Du Lac Branch blog. Some major ones:
    • Addition of two baseboards to eliminate the visible baseboard edge at the north end of Limestone Ridge, one ditto the south end of the garbage landfill across from that and two north of South Byron at the S-curve crossing to extend the world a bit.
    • Work on road crossings, trees and vegetation and platforms to improve T:ANE compatibility.
  3. FDL12 :12 RELEASED with Updated Sessionz

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    Fond Du Lac Branch :12 is on the DLC.

    Operating Changes:

    • Signalling in Downtown Fond Du Lac has been revised and simplified and signals are more indicative.
    • The Mercury Marine siding has been extended 5 meters for more room at the sand dump. Operating sessions affected have been updated.
    • The Brenner Tank siding S-curve is removed and the junction moved south about 5 meters.
    • Iron Ridge (House) Track 3 East has an invisible speed sign for road speed as you enter the main.
  4. Krupp Classic Locomotive BB 300 06, Indonesian diesel heritage

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    Coomming soon guys, old locomotive built by Krupp Essen Germany this locomotive builted
    In 1956 and this locomotive operated by PJKA Indonesian
    See this video for the trial hehehehehe https://youtu.be/vmMcJW_SOWU

  5. Coming this week to Amtrak Trainz Group

    We're gearing up for another release this week at Amtrak Trainz Group.

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