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  1. The Clinchfield 311's Railway Safety Show!

    I've decided to start producing a show for Public Television, to be filmed directly from Trainz.

    It is to focus on railway safety, starring a certain Clinchfield 311 (better known to her fans as the Demon 311).

    The premise is this: She realized she was being used by Satan for his own selfish needs and, together with her costar, a certain Baltimore and Ohio "Big Six", road number 6666, decided to rebel.

    This lead to both engines getting kicked ...

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    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. Trainz Premium Routes

  3. RealPeople: Hello, here we are.

    A short video of what you can expect.

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  4. 3DZUGs RealPeople will shortly hit the DLS

    This july will change the way you can create routes! Checkout one of my coolest assets I've ever built for Trainz! Real animated people will populate to DLS soon!

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5. My gradient calculator


    This is the gradient calculator I use for track that is bendy and such and the "apply gradient" just doesn't work well. Basically it calculates where to put the spline and at what height to give you the slope shown, works well. Help file is in the zip.
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