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  1. Trainz 12 review - Overview & first experiences

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Size:  19.3 KBTrainz is a well known braind when it comes to train simulator games, and for good reasons; it has a 12 year history and is backed by one of the biggest train communities as far as I can tell.

    More importantly: that community is also taken quite seriously, this blog alone should be proof of that.

    But things are taken even further than that, just read on.

    What makes Trainz so special and stand out from the rest is its diversity. Obviously ...

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  2. Alex Arriva, DB and CFR New Passenger Cars

    New passenger cars available starting from now on TrainzPremiumRoutes website

  3. Looking for Trainz reskiners/ model makers

    Listen I need help to reskin a big boy to look like big one (for anyone who knows what big one looks like). And if you can replace the bell and number boards on front with the extra light and to make the smokestack look like big ones. I need please. And for the tender just get rid of the text and it with 001 in the bottom back corner on the sides of the tender. The whistle I can do myself. Please I need help.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	121Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Using LOD effectively

    When to use LOD?

    Mesh LOD is most useful in two distinct scenarios:
    • When a single object is very highly detailed, such that it is reasonably "expensive" in its own right.
    • When an object may be used repeatedly throughout the scene, such that it is "expensive" in total even if not per object instance.

    As an example of the first, we can consider our 1000 polygon skyscraper. Even if there is only one instance of the skyscraper in the scene, reducing ...
  5. Fostoria Rail Fan Park Opened November 15

    by , November 18th, 2013 at 04:52 PM (Dual Blog: *RMAN (Retain My Asset Names) Asset Renaming Utility* & * Fostoria Ohio, "The Iron Triangle" Project*)

    Fostoria Rail Fan Park Opened Nov 15

    After ten years of being a political football, the Fostoria Rail Fan Park finally opened last Friday, Nov 15th. Situated within the "Iron Triangle", the park, open from dawn to dusk, gives rail-fans an official place to observe the high traffic level of CSX and NS trains hammering across two adjacent diamonds, and a third in the observable distance. ...

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