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  1. FDL12 :12 WIP

    Earlier I mentioned being at the point where each fix broke something else. Been going back and cleaning some of those up, notably:
    • Diverging home signals at West Jones, East Knowles and East Brownsville now indicate correctly (installed invisible signals where needed);
    • Removed extraneous bits of left-over pavement from SR67 project;
    • Found and corrected an anomaly at the new S Hickory St atilacrossing; for some reason the invisible train was derailing repeatedly, generating eight messages
  2. USA Pics

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    Horn free zone my butt!

    what the heck ben
  3. Bolier explosion

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    I am experimenting with boiler explosions and am slowly progressing

    1. Can you use script programming in "kind bogey" ?
    Does anybody know??

    2. Of course there are ways to make the wheels rusty, but I think a more elegant solution
    is to use 1. above.
    I think I investigated a bogie script a while back and concluded it wasn't possible. So, I implemented a loco script that controls the visibility of bogie parts
  4. Discord, Cars, and Computers

    So a while back I started a discord server of my own. (Yea, like me and everyone else.)

    I've called it Sim Central, and I intend it to be a sort of general meeting place for different sims. A place to organize Trainz iPortal and MP sessions. Run8 Operation sessions. Group flights in flight sims. And what ever else. Mostly to avoid the cancer that has become #Trainz chat and the hassle that is trying to build a Teamspeak server. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/nuzUdPQ


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    Trainz Simulator 12
  5. USA Pics

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    Excellent shots Nikita! I think you've given me an excellent idea for track splines.
    You're welcome, any time.Idea is j_embankment GG_2_GS 1/1.5 0-5m 1t - <kuid:211147:37104> by jim_spb
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