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  1. Missing Kuids? Post them here.

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    Missing these for a Model RR
    <kuid:127320:919992> - http://uslw.net/downloads.php?action=view&id=494
  2. Interlocking Towers.

    Interlocking towers? How where do I start with this.
    Wiki page has a tutorial but there are obvious omissions. Like you need an object for the tower but even using the same object as the tutorial (the designated signal box) I can find no way to proceed.
    I have renamed the object as "Interlocking Tower 10" and various like names. None will give me the table as shown in the tutorial. So How do you get from track, signal, object (named tower) to a working model.......... ...
  3. Route Romania

  4. DLC/multiplayer not working?

    I'm kinda getting a little frustrated with this one. I've had TANE since it came out and I've barley played it but now my buddy has it and we want to play together and every time we try it says i need to download the "multiplayer" session and i go to download it and it fails saying "its not supported by the download station." can anyone help me? and help would be great! thanks in advance!
  5. Bucharest North station / Route Romania