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  1. Hello

    Hello, everyone! How are you all?
  2. London Underground - 1992 Stock progress

    So I've been getting to grips with the latest update on Blender 2.8

    NDM Cab:

    Now to start on the UV mapping and tweak a couple of bits

    Ignore the 3D Cursor! haha

    Mind the Gap!

  3. Australian screenshots

    Thanks will check it all out when back at home at the weekend = V3 runs real sweet on the new machine - still have a bit of a monitor issue but hoping a new video cable will sort that out soon

    Quote Originally Posted by Roy3b3 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by NSWGR_46Class View Post
    anybody know where to find kuid368724:4900 seems to needed for the nswgr protrack but not on the dls

    Dave, I downloaded elstoko's Protrack from the DLS to TRS19 a couple of days ago, and found a few missing deps among them. (That kuid no seems to be missing a digit)
  4. London Underground - 1992 Stock progress

    Have been working on the 1992 Stock the past couple of days, really pleased with how it has come out so far!

    Render shot:

    I hope to have to DM body complete by next weekend. Then i'll work on the interior.

    Mind the Gap.

  5. Trainzportu

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