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  1. Questions .

    Ok . Here's my first question :

    How do i fix a modified , faulty asset if it's

    - a built in one
    - created by a user ?
  2. Some kind of introduction .

    Hello everyone .

    Despite of my forum title i'm still a newbie in the world of Trainz . I decided to start my blog because i don't want to spam the official forum with my threads .

    I will create two basic blog sections:

    - questions

    - hunt for the kuids

    Thank you for your help and patience .
  3. DLS Horns

    Hi, I've been modding my engines lately and I'm hoping you all can help me find some good DLS horns. I'm looking for Canadian/ North American horns from all eras. If you now of any I should check out please let me know!
  4. where i can download the Cornelia Lubing (connyxy) AEM-7??

    I love the AEM-7 made by connyxy, but I can't find any way to download it, because it hasn't been re-published on its new page http://connylubing.weebly.com and I can't find any page to download or Here is a photo:
    tanks an sorry for my bad english!
  5. TRS19 Severn Tunnel Projuct

    I'm going to make a route of the Severn Tunnel. I plan to post this to the Download Station when finished. I just need answers to the following:

    1. How many baseboards is 198.8 UK km?

    2. Should I use SI3D assets?

    3. Should I create reskins to go with it?

    Please post your answers in the comments.

    -Jedron212, 8/2/2019
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