1. TANE build 90945 [email protected] ry. Max graphic everything.

    TANE build 90945 [email protected] Max graphic everything.

    Coal Country was done well for the looks versus uses of efficient objects... nice..
  2. Free system benchmarks.

    You can always test your system in relation to others, with BENCHMARKS. This video is the benchmark VALLEY. This video was with all nvidia quality settings on or at max, and valleys settings at custom(all maximum).

    This video link is the benchmark Trainz: A New Era on Kickstarter Country.
    (build 90073) (half throttle, nickel plate road dlc session, camera view 3)

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  3. User product images.

    DO NOT be critical to those whos product images don't match.

    Not everyone wants to bug N3V with such trifle. When they can, mabee they will fix everyones, but know that its not users faults.

    Wait let me fix mine...

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    Do I get access to an inner elite club now?

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